Life Philosophy: Take Charge and DEFEAT Addiction

Life Philosophy: Take Charge and DEFEAT Addiction

"Are you an Addict?"

If the answer if “Yes” people often follows with: “Is it Drugs, Smoke, or Drinks?” And when the reply is “Neither,” you’ll find most conservatives will raise one of their eyebrows.

In one way or another we are all addicts, whether it’s food, money, status, or attention. Addiction in any field can push you in two totally different direction: 1. propel you forward and upward, 2. push and hold you down. But this time I’ll be focusing on the later.

If you are a true addict then you must be familiar with these phrases:

  • This is the last time, I’ll do that tomorrow…
  • Just one more… It’s just this time, I promise.
  • Oh screw that! I’ll never be able to stop…
  • Forget about it, I’ll give in eventually…

Those were my go to excuses whenever I tried to stop my addiction. Each and every attempt to quit, I’ve put in my best effort… but each and every time I fell back into old habits. The worst is when I tried to force stop my addiction and tried to replace it with similar stimulant (but less harmful). I ended up creating a new addiction that is far more harmful in the long run.

Enough rambling… So what do I want to share in this post? Through trial and error, I came up with some ways that has helped me get away from addiction and getting back the life that I’ve always wanted. What are they? Here goes…

  1. FIND Social Accountability: Tell the people around you about your addiction (if you want to be extra make it specific), and tell them your STRONG intention to QUIT once and for all. Spend more time with those who support your decision, and don’t hesitate to proof to the nay-sayers that “I will have the last laugh!”
  2. FACE the Real Challenge: Behind every addiction there is FEAR towards pain. Pain of struggles, failure, heartbreak, etc. Using reverse psychology, 1st step: find your biggest fear. 2nd step: challenge yourself to do those things that you so fear.


  • Your biggest fear is most apparent right before the act of addiction. List all the fears down on paper, be vulnerable and true to yourself when defining your fear.
  • DO NOT substitute your addiction with weaker stimuli, thinking that you need to adjust yourself to the big change. Do it in ONE GO!


Allow me to share the current challenges that I’m working on and the source of inspiration for this post…

MY BIGGEST FEAR:  Incompetence, Failure, Hardship/Discomfort


  1. BE COMPETENT -> learn and develop the skills
  2. BE SUCCESSFUL -> create small and manageable goals, while aiming BIG
  3. BE RESILIENT -> every week, do at least one thing that you FEAR the MOST

My favorite is the third challenge, built in “Resilience” muscle. In the future I aim to complete a streak of 365 days of fear challenge. So far it’s been great, I’m asking more questions on why I could not or should not be doing these things that I so fear. Just coming up with answers like “Why not? I might be able to do that” is liberating and boosting my confidence.

“To be FEARLESS, is true FREEDOM.” – Nate

My biggest inspiration this week among others is Tim Ferris. His interview at Commonweatlh Club introduced me to this idea of challenging SELF to the point of LIMITLESS – no boundaries, no reason to say no.




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