Travel Blog: One Piece in Tokyo, J-World vs. Tokyo Tower

Travel Blog: One Piece in Tokyo, J-World vs. Tokyo Tower

海賊王 に!!! おれは なるつ!!! – Monkey D. Luffy

If you are a huge fan of One Piece and you only have a few hours in Tokyo, would you rather go to Tokyo Tower or J-world for One Piece Attraction?

Luckily I was able to visit both places and here is my take on them.

First, let’s start with J-World! J-World is basically the Disneyland version of “Shonen Jump.” It is located in Ikebukuro, on the 3F of Tokyo Sunshine City. The admission ticket for adult (16+) is 800 yen and 600 yen for kids (4-15); while the opening hour is from 10am-10pm. Traveler’s tips: locker service is located near the carousel at One Piece area. It’s affordable and highly recommended for travelers carrying backpacks. Trust me it’s worth it, especially if you’re going alone.

Locker Service

I love J-World! My favorite parts about this place includes:

  • Affordable admission ticket
  • Hall of Jump characters video message
  • Interactive games (some for free, others you have to pay extra)
  • Gachapon and Purikura
  • Wall art and photo spots
  • Includes other awesome Jump attractions such as Naruto, Kuroko no Basket, Dragon Ball, and many more
  • And my #1 favorite part is of course, the One Piece Land!
One Piece Entrance | J-World

J-World definitely did not disappoint when it comes to replicating the world of One Piece. The decor was on point, the music and background sound was just perfect; it made you feel like you just step into the world of One Piece itself. Sadly, I came with a budget and decided not to ride/play the paid attractions (they’re mostly intended for kids anyway…). But I make sure that this visit counts by taking lots of pictures, playing all the free games, taking purikura and getting my first gachapon toy for 300 yen.

Mr.2 | Okama Pose

This place is packed with amazing and cool stuff, I couldn’t stop grinning and went all out Otaku-mode. For food, you get to choose between the Mademoiselle Cafe or the Cafeteria. Mind you that the One Piece cafe is quite expensive (for my wallet at the time at least), but I’m still tempted to buy the chopper ice cream. It’s so cute~

Next to the cafeteria you’ll find the J-store section. It’s quite small, but it has all the Jump merchandise. The Chopper sticker and Marine mug were super tempting to buy, but in the end I decided to buy a present for my brother instead. I still get to take pictures and that’s enough One Piece dose of happiness.


Next, let’s move on to One Piece Tokyo Tower.

For all you OP fans, the Tokyo Tower has more to offer because it only focuses on One Piece. The opening hours is from 10am – 10 pm. On the 1F, you can find OP restaurant, OP cafe, and OP store. On the 2F there are more OP merch sold in booth. And on the 3F you can buy the tickets for Live and Park Pass (19+): 3,200 day ticket or 3,000 yen advance ticket. The Park Pass by itself cost 2,200 yen and 2,000 yen for day and advance ticket respectively. So yeah, it was too expensive for me at the time. Hence, I decided to just explore the store and try out their food. Which pretty much is enough to send me to OP heaven.

By the time I decided to eat, it was almost closing time. Hence, some options such as pizza and salad bar in ‘Sanji’s Oresama Restaurant’ were no longer available. I ended up choosing Cafe Mugiwara. I think I made the right choice, because here they offer selections of the OP manga and the illustration books aka Color Walk for guests to read. It was AWESOME!! Not to mention, the food looks good and it taste great.

The store is the largest OP store I’ve ever been to. I almost cried when I saw the OP wanted poster and OP Color Walk. Didn’t end up buying anything, but it was nice that they had Usop, Brook, and Sanji’s merch on display to celebrate their birthday. The best part though was the wall art that shows all the islands that Luffy and co had been to.

That’s all from me! OP fans tips: If you’re under a budget, I would recommend J-world because the admission is cheaper and you can do lots of stuff there. If you can spend more, definitely check out Tokyo Tower. But definitely try to check out both places as they are awesome 😉



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