Travel Blog: Osaka

Travel Blog: Osaka

おはようさん, from sunny Osaka! 🙂

It was a short visit to Osaka this time. But we did our best to cram and hit all the popular spots.

First stop, Glico Man! “Click,” got the shoot and onto the second stop.

The beautiful Osaka Castle! We were lucky, because it was such a beautiful sunny day and the Sakura were still in full bloom (much later than they were predicted). And since it’s a weekend, many locals can be seen enjoying picnic and chilling under the sakura trees. Once we cross the bridge to the castle’s park, we found rows of booth selling Osaka’s typical street food. Right off the bat, I got myself a takoyaki – octopus balls; while my friends bought yakitori – skewered grilled chicken and yakisoba – fried noodles with vegetables and egg. And for desert we got ice cream and bite-size sponge cake called ‘baby castella.’ I have to say this short hanami was one of my highlight in Osaka. I feel like time slowed down as I saw friends and family enjoying themselves and the sakura petals dancing in the air.

It was a short walk from the picnic area to Osaka Castle. Once we reached the castle entrance, we found out that we just barely missed the visiting hour to tour inside the castle. But it wasn’t so bad, since we did take our time eating and enjoying the view. So, after a couple pictures, we headed to the next destination.

Osaka | Year 1615

Next on our list is the most popular aquarium in Japan, Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan! The admission cost 2,300 yen each for 16 years above; while the opening hours throughout the week is from 10:00 – 20:00. The aquarium is famous for their large tanks and the large animals that resides in these tanks. Another interesting feature of this aquarium is their unique way of maintaining the tank environment so it replicates the animal natural habitat. I heard that in a scheduled routine, they will pump sea water into the water tanks; which I think is pretty cool.


Lastly, my No.1 highlight from the Osaka trip is the place that we stayed in. It was a pleasant surprise when I enter the hostel and saw Chopper Wanted Poster (from One Piece). It turns out that the owner of this place is a huge fan of One Piece an had the whole place covered in One Piece posters. In addition, they had a selection of One Piece comics displayed in the bookshelf. And of course I just had to get my hands on these unexpected treasures. Thank you Osaka Ice Blue Hostel 🙂



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