Life Philosophy: Warrior in the Making

Life Philosophy: Warrior in the Making


"What's your Dream Passion, kid?"


Some will say it’s your calling; others will say you’re crazy… I say, go for it!

The biggest truth in life is.. realizing that you are not where you wanted to be. And the next big thing is the decision you make: give up on life, or pick yourself up. I hope you choose the later. I finally did!

The struggle is real. Other than the cynics who keep pulling you to play small; the biggest hurdle has got to be your own Doubt. Other than the physical exhaustion at the end of the day; the biggest obstacle is getting out of bed every morning and lead your day with full intention.

Did you see the pattern? Yup, it all comes back to YOU!

Here are some messages I would give to my younger self, and my older self in the future (in case I lost my way again).

5-12 yo: Don’t listen to adults who deny your PASSION. Keep going!

Teens: Don’t bother with labels. You’re on your way to GREATNESS, lift your chin up!

20s: Keep looking! Don’t settle for those who don’t BELIVE in you.

30s-40s: Don’t deny your passion, your true self. EMBRACE them.

50s-60s: Wake up! It’s never too late, go-run-CHASE your passion!

70s-up: Time is almost up. It’s NOW or never!

The next time you find yourself asking, “What the heck am I doing with my life?” Congratulations! You’re one step away from being the best version of yourself.




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