Highway and Life Philosophy

Highway and Life Philosophy

Here’s to Time

It was a cold rainy night.

Sitting on the back seat of a slow moving car,

My eyes gazed through the wet window covered with droplets of falling rain.

The night is young, and traffic has slowed time down for me.

I am grateful.

While traffic jam started to get on my nerves, I noticed that my mind began to wonder. What am I doing with my life?

“Did I live, Did I love, Did I matter?” a quote from Brandon Burchard popped in my head. And I wonder…

I have kept my ‘life work’ dream locked far away from my consciousness. I have been wasting time, checking the list of momentary pleasure and accommodating someone else’s agenda. Why do I waste TIME?

The cars on highway seemed to be going faster than the regular lane. I decided to enter the highway. At the same time, the voice of doubt began to chatter and fear reminded me of the possibility of making the wrong choice.

To enter the highway I had to pay the entrance fee and there was no guarantee that this route will be cleared all the way until the destination. The entrance to the highway was slower than the normal route, and at some point the normal route would seem to be faster. In those moments I would doubt myself and wonder if this decision was the right one.

Then it hit me, isn’t it the same with the way I’ve been living life? I always wonder if the decision I made today is the right one; would things have been better if I turned the other way and made a different choice.

Just like that I continued to observe the traffic on the road. It’s true that the highway might be slower in certain areas, but that’s because cars need to slow down at the entrance gate to pay fee and at the exit gate when merging with the normal lane. And sometimes the highway are just too crowded.

Isn’t it the same with life? When we want to realize our dreams, it takes time to build a solid foundation and for sure it will cost more to ride on the highway to your utopia. The fee comes in the form of effort, persistence, and resilience.

Who says it’s going to be easy? Distractions are everywhere. Sometimes, you’ll see other cars on the normal route moving faster and you wonder why you paid to take the highway. You wonder if you made the right decision, and if you haven’t waste time-energy-money for nothing.

Will it pay off? The reality is that – there is no right or wrong choice. And if we just keep moving, all of us will eventually reach our destination. Regardless of the route we choose, when we know where we are going – we will eventually reach it.

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